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CITY REQUIREMENTS - City of Des Plaines

The following is from the City of Des Plaines website. It spells out the requirements for signs installed in Des Plaines. It lists permit requirements and all other rules the city has regarding signage.


  1. A permit application must be completed for each sign, with two (2) sets of drawings showing dimensions and construction details of proposed sign attached.
  2. Provide two (2) Plats of Survey indicating location of proposed sign on each plat.
  3. If changes are being proposed for an existing sign, include a photograph of existing sign.
  4. Licensed electrical contractors must install illuminated signs.
  5. Every sign installer must be licensed per the attached requirements.
  6. Wall signs for a building which fronts on a public street may have three (3) square feet of signage for each lineal foot of building frontage with a maximum of 100 square feet. Corner buildings fronting on two (2) streets will be allowed two (2) signs - each not to exceed 100 square feet. Surveys must be submitted locating signage and showing measurements for lot frontage.
  7. Pole (ground) signs are based on lot frontage and "determined frontage." Minimum lot frontage is 75 lineal feet. A lot with between 75 lineal feet and 120 lineal feet may have one ground sign, not to exceed 75 square feet. Lot frontages in excess of 120 lineal feet may have a sign up to a maximum of 90 square feet. A variance is required if the lot frontage is between 67 ½ and 75 lineal feet; if less than 67 ½ lineal feet no variance can be applied for or granted.
  8. Pole and monument signs are required to provide and maintain landscaping in a 3’ width on each side of the sign’s base.
  9. The leading edge of ground signs must be five feet (5’) from the frontage property line. Maximum height of a pole sign is 20’ 0". Maximum height of a monument sign is 5’. 0".
  10. Temporary signs are allowed four times per year, with 60 days in between. They are valid for 30 days only. A $200.00 refundable bond is required. Such signs include banners, pennants and tents, etc. Tents must have a flame rating certificate.
  11. Additional items covered under the Sign Ordinance include awnings, canopies, marquees and street clocks. However, these structures will require an Application for Development Permit. For items with lettering, a Sign Permit Application will also be required.
  12. See the Sign Ordinance for details, or contact the Plan Examiner at 847-391-5372.
  13. Call JULIE, Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators, at 800-892-0123, for the utility line location information. JULIE is a free service.
  14. Be advised that the above-mentioned are guidelines. Each permit is treated individually and certain other requirements may apply. Once the above-mentioned information is submitted, the correct determination can be made.
  15. Sign variations are limited; please see the Sign Ordinance.

source: City of Des Plaines

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