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Dimensional Letters

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a type of dimensional letter often used on store fronts and other large buildings.  They are 3-dimensional, usually consisting of an acrylic front with a contrasting trim (or body) of the letter. Channel Letters are usually illuminated but are available in non-illuminated as well.


Non-Illuminated Letters

Non-Illuminated Letters are individual letters formed out of plastic, wood, foam or metal. Most commonly seen in lobbies, offices and stores, they have a 3-dimensional look that adds character and depth to your sign. Most Non-Illuminated Letters are outdoor durable and are available in any color and any font.  Non-Illuminated Letters are an excellent solution for a classy, professional looking sign.

Metal Letters & Logos


Durability and Long Lasting Beauty

Metal is as timeless as our need to communicate with words in creating signs. At Gemini, each metal letter is manufactured one-by-one in aluminum, bronze, brass, copper or steel using up to twenty distinct manufacturing steps. Yet prices remain competitive because of our tailored production processes and seasoned professionals.

Our numerous metal finishes give you the choice of dazzling shine, brilliant color, or natural and antiquated metal.

Combine these finishes with an extensive selection of letter styles to design signs that reflect your individual image.


  • Standard Cast Letters & Logos
    Cast letters and logos have always imparted a stately aura of permanence, style, and class on the sites they adorn. Perhaps this is because the underlying casting process itself has changed so little over the past 1000 years ...(more)
  • Custom Cast Letters & Logos
    Gemini can cast various letters, logos and symbols in sizes ranging from 2" to 84"...(more)
  • Fabricated Letters & Logos
    When you use words like “Upscale,” “Elegant,” and “High End,” to describe the type of letters you are looking for, you can be confident that Gemini Incorporated is your source ...(more)
  • Flat Cut Letters & Logos
    Flat cut letters offer the combination of the precision available in a CNC controlled 70,000 psi cutting head and the durability and distinction of pure metal. Gemini has 4 locations across the U.S. that can take your .EPS, .CDR or other vector based art file ...(more)



Metal Plaques


Gemini Plaques Add Prestige to Any Building or Development

Whether your plaques are Cast, Architectural, Etched, or those requiring ADA specifications, Gemini can create the marker, seal or plaque you need in just a few days. While many plaque manufacturers need 4 to 6 weeks to deliver your plaque, Gemini can ship your plaque in just 8 working days after approval of your artwork – all with NO extra charges and NO hidden fees. We use a variety of methods to manufacture your plaque – all using prime materials of the purest alloys. Whether you require lead and mercury free bronze, high-grade aluminum, lead-free brass or #304 or even #316 stainless steel, Gemini has the metal you need to make a lasting impression. Recognize someone for a job well done, a retirement, winning an award, memorialize a loved one or commemorate a historic place – our specialized plaque sales staff is ready to assist you.

  • Standard Cast & Architectural Plaques
    Recognize an individual or place; capture a historic footnote; or use a plaque for signage – and order it from Gemini. ...(more)
  • Standard Etched Plaques
    Gemini's etched plaques are made from virgin sheet stock that is always lead & mercury free. The chemical etching process allows us to reproduce even the most complex artwork onto the surface of the metal. Used in combination with Gemini's cast and architectural plaque lines – etched medallions and emblems provide the precision needed to make the perfect plaque or marker. Gemini can etch Brass, Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel in varying gauges and dimensions – and like Gemini's architectural plaques, 8 day production is standard on every order ...(more)
  • Standard ADA & Wayfinding Plaques
    Don't let ADA signage requirements be an eyesore – order solid aluminum, bronze & brass ADA compliant plaques from Gemini. Unlike other ADA compliant products – Gemini's patent pending process does not use loose beads for the braille component; or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings. Like our plaques–they are perfect every time. ...(more)

Display Letters



Products Designed for Display, Exhibition and Fixturing

Not every application requires a product with a lifetime weatherability guarantee.  That’s why Gemini has developed a product line for the interior display market.   Now you can get all your lettering and display needs from one source that understands the need for quick delivery and top-notch quality—all with award winning customer service.    This product line includes additional finishes on lightweight substrates that are ideal for in-store displays and reception area identification.  It also includes chrome effects and 1200 dpi full-color finishes that while extremely durable and weather resistant—simply don’t quite live up to a lifetime guarantee under all conditions—like our other exterior grade products.  What you will find with Gemini’s Display Products, is that they give you additional design flexibility to produce the kinds of products you need to impress your customers.


  • GemLeaf Letters & Logos
    The most common metal finishes applied onto solid acrylic colors.  All GemLeaf products are laser cut giving you sharp inside corners and polished acrylic returns.  Only from Gemini can you get this new process ...(more)
  • Laminated Letters & Logos
    Standard .030 metal laminate sheets are bonded using the Bern-Lok™ process to Gemini manufactured substrates of acrylic or high density urethane foam.  The most common display letters used today ...(more)
  • Giclée Letters & Panels
    Metal or acrylic panels are pretreated, primed, and then printed using a 1200 dpi printing process.  Blanks often have exposed borders of brushed metal for the best effect ...(more)
  • Faux Metal Finishes
    Spray chrome-like paints and metal dyes to produce different effects are used for eye-popping signage.  Flash Bronze, an aluminum treatment, and near-chrome paint are both new in 2010-2011 ...(more)
  • Classic Letters
    For over 1000 years, man has been using premium hardwoods and gold leafing to decorate signage and other architectural elements.  Gemini brings you the option of the truly timeless look with these product lines ...(more)



Plastic Letters



For the greatest variety choose Gemini plastic letters

Gemini plastic letters offer the greatest variety of dimensional plastic letters available today–from traditional to ornamental and script. Gemini's high standards will mean you get the highest quality letters, with the fastest delivery, at the lowest possible price, all with a Lifetime Guarantee. Gemini manufacturers 3 different lines of plastic letters. Available in over 30 standard colors and virtually any style under the sun. Your search for your plastic letters is about to come to an end


  • Minnesota Letters (Injection Molded)
    Minnesota Letters combine the attributes of several other letter types. They are made from C.A.B. (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate), a renewable resource (non-petroleum) plastic for incredible durability. They also are created using precision tooled molds for razor sharp edges and ...(more)
  • Standard Formed Plastic Letters & Logos
    Formed plastic letters are the original "Gemini Letters". Made since 1963 out of C.A.B. (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate); these letters are the utmost in versatility. Formed Letters, while the standard for most local business, can also be found on ...(more)
  • Custom Formed Letters & Logos
    Gemini's custom forming operations provide you with a means of replicating a typestyle or logo that is not within our extensive mold inventory...(more)
  • Cut Acrylic Letters & Logos
    Laser cut Gemini acrylic surpasses other acrylic letters and logos by a mile. Gemini starts with its own impact modified, extruded acrylic, in gauges up to 1/2" thick in over 32 different colors. This means the color is through and through the entire letter assuring ...(more)



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