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Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Although Channel Letters can be individually mounted directly to a building, they are typically mounted to a raceway and then installed as one piece to the building. This method is much easier and much more common. 

There are 3 main styles of channel letters:


  • Internally illuminated acrylic faces are by far the most popular style of channel letter.
  • Open face channel letter are similar except that they do not have an acrylic face (or they have a clear acrylic face) so that the neon tubing is visible when lit.
  • Reverse illuminated channel letters have a solid, non-illuminated face in a selection of finishes from plain to exotic. The reverse channel letters have a clear or open back and are mounted to the wall with stand-offs. The illumination comes from the back of the letter and produces a colored halo of light reflecting off of the wall for a high end look. 


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